Partnership Opportunities


The Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) provides a unique link to Certified Child Life Specialists®--and the infant, youth, children, and families they serve--in healthcare and community settings across the United States and Canada.

We partner with organizations that are interested in supporting the work of our members in a variety of ways, including contributions and sponsorships that help to support ACLP professional development programs, research, and educational materials.

We collaborate to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship with each partner organization, sharing ideas and expertise, and promoting common interests and goals.

Becoming an ACLP Partner

The Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) welcomes the opportunity to partner with corporations, foundations and other nonprofits to promote child life services. 

ACLP is particularly interested in developing relationships that are designed to enhance and further its core purpose, mission and values.

Contact Us

If you are interested in developing a partnership plan, or would like to discuss a meaningful financial or in-kind gift to the Association of Child Life Professionals please contact:

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