Partnership Opportunities

ACLP engages with a wide variety of entities to support the mission of ACLP to advance psychosocial care and the emotional safety of children, youth and families impacted by healthcare and significant life experiences.

These entities could include: corporations and privately-owned businesses; academic institutions; nonprofits; associations; and government agencies, among others.

Becoming an ACLP Partner

When looking at a potential relationship with any entity, ACLP seeks to:

  • Enhance the work of ACLP and its members

  • Secure access to additional resources (financial, information, people) to support the work of the association and its members

  • Deliver value and benefit to both ACLP and partnering entities

  • Ensure that the image, reputation, and core values of the association are protected

  • Educate or provide exposure of the child life profession

  • Contribute to the body of evidence and research supporting the child life profession

Read the complete ACLP Professional Relationship Guidelines.

ACLP Partners

ACLP is grateful for our current partnerships.