Application for Approval of Internship with Remote Supervision under Extenuating Circumstances

Candidates for child life certification are required to complete an internship prior to being seated for the Child Life Professional Certification Examination. Internships are expected to provide interns with a full range of clinical experience, sufficient to create eligibility for the exam. Ideally, applicants are placed in a hospital setting where direct and formal supervision is provided by a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) working onsite at the same location on a consistent basis.

The Child Life Certification Commission (CLCC) recognizes that special circumstances may exist where this is not possible. In such situations, a potential remote clinical supervisor may apply to supervise an intern remotely.

In all such cases, the application form, accompanying documentation, and an interview with the proposed supervisor must be completed for approval prior to the start of any remotely-supervised internship hours.