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ACLP Bulletin

ACLP Bulletin is the quarterly, digital publication for the child life community. Its aim is to provide content that encourages the continued clinical development of child life professionals, and a forum for highlighting their milestones, challenges, innovations and successes. It also provides 1.0 PDU per issue for ACLP Members. 
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Articles must be received by the dates below in order to be considered for that issue. Once received, other factors will be taken into consideration to determine publishing date.

Winter Issue (January)

October 1st 

Spring Issue (April)

January 1st 

Summer Issue (July)

April 1st

Fall Issue (October)

July 1st 


Please email submissions to


The ACLP Bulletin editors, ACLP staff and Focus Review Board are committed to making your experience writing for the ACLP Bulletin as positive as possible, and strongly encourage you to consider submitting your work.

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