Verification of Requirements

All applicants must provide documentation of the successful completion of the eligibility requirements as follows:


An original OFFICIAL* transcript showing the type of degree granted and the date conferred. Please confirm that the transcript is issued after the date your degree was conferred


All required courses must appear on an OFFICIAL* transcript with a passing grade.

Child Life Course Taught by a CCLS:  In addition to an OFFICIAL* transcript, applicants must request verification through the Eligibility Assessment online process or provide the Child Life Course Verification Form signed by the CCLS instructor showing that all six required topics of study were covered.  Multiple copies may be submitted if all six topics were not completed in one course.

For students enrolled in an ACLP-endorsed academic program during the period of endorsement:

Initially, in lieu of an official transcript, you are required to submit the Endorsed Program Letter verifying your enrollment.  Your academic adviser will provide this. Upon graduation, you are required to submit an official transcript showing the successful completion of the endorsed program and degree conferral.

Please note:

• No in-progress courses will be accepted.

• Transferred courses from another school must have a passing grade listed on the transcript or be documented by another OFFICIAL* transcript from the original college/university.

 • Online courses must be reflected on an OFFICIAL* transcript with a passing grade.


The internship is documented by an online verification process as part of the Eligibility Assessment or via a Clinical Experience Verification Form.

Click here for important additional details about the required supporting materials. 


  • Transcripts must be official.This is defined by each college/university.
  • If a university provides official transcripts digitally, they can be emailed to directly from the institution.
  • If your institution does not provide the digital option for official transcripts, please mail the transcripts to the address below.
  • CLCC does not accept fax or email transmission of transcripts.
  • CLCC does not accept unofficial transcripts that have been printed by the applicant from the university website.
  • If the name that will appear on your official transcripts does not match the name on your Eligibility Assessment, please provide us with a verification of your name change such as a copy of a marriage license. This documentation may be faxed, emailed or mailed to our office.

Supporting materials may be sent to:

Association of Child Life Professionals
7600 Leesburg Pike
Suite 200 West
Falls Church, VA 22043

For full details on the process of becoming certified, please see the Candidate Manual.