Internship Readiness Common Application

Aspiring professionals must complete an internship to sit for the Child Life Certification Exam. Individuals are responsible for seeking out and applying to internships of interest.

Internship sites are responsible for their application process; however, ACLP strongly encourages sites to utilize the Internship Readiness Common Application. Programs are strongly encouraged to refrain from requesting additional documents during the initial submission of the application.

Steps to Complete the Internship Readiness Common Application

The following steps outline how to complete the Internship Readiness Common Application.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to determine the application process, as well as to submit their application, to any internship sites they would like to apply for.


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This page has over 50 common questions asked related to the Internship Readiness Common Application.

Questions range on topics of the fillable PDF components and use as well as questions commonly asked by academia, applicants, and internship sites.

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Internship Equity & Access Pledge

The internship process is a key factor to the certification path and access into the profession. Several barriers have been identified over the past several years regarding the internship process.

The ACLP Board of Directors has identified the following directives which together form the Pledge for Internship Equity and Access. Academic programs and internship sites are encouraged to sign the pledge.

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