Review My Courses

Anyone interested in having academic and clinical information reviewed and accepted by the ACLP for the purposes of establishing eligibility for the exam and/or providing an internship site with evidence of his/her progress through ACLP’s certification program should request an Eligibility Assessment.

Exam Eligibility

Check with your internship coordinator to find out whether an Eligibility Assessment is required as part of the internship application. If you are requesting an Eligibility Assessment for internship applications or exam registration, please allow a minimum of 2 weeks from the time materials arrive in our office for processing.

Starting the Process

You may begin at any time. Please be aware that you will not see the option to request an Eligibility Assessment until you have entered at least five courses under step 1 below. Students who have graduated from or are enrolled in an ACLP-endorsed academic program must contact the ACLP office in order to start their Eligibility Assessment.

Step #1

Log on (or create a new customer record):

Login or create a new customer record
- Click on Visit Profile under the log-in boxes
- From the Customer Profile Menu, select Certification
- From the Certification Menu, click on Certification Portal

Step #2

Enter your information

Complete the assessment by filling in the following three parts:

- Part 1: Enter your degree and course information
- Part 2: Enter child life course information for verification
- Part 3: Enter clinical experience information for verification

Full instructions can be accessed here:

Printer-friendly instructions for the Eligibility Assessment

Step #3 

Process Request, Payment

- Answer the questions and confirm your agreement with the statements presented by entering your digital signature and clicking on Save and Continue.
- Submit payment information.
- Please remember that you must submit an official transcript in order for your Eligibility Assessment to be completed.

Important Note:

Your degree and course information will not be reviewed by the certification department until you have requested an Eligibility Assessment and submitted official transcripts. Once your academic information has been reviewed, the Evaluation Report (located in the Certification Portal) will show which courses were approved and allow you to monitor your progress toward establishing eligibility. This report may be printed and shared with internship coordinators and others.

Step #4

Submit Official Transcripts

The final step is to submit official transcripts to ACLP. You can send your official transcripts in one of three ways:

- As an email sent directly from your school to
- As a hard copy mailed to our office directly from your school
- As a hard copy in a sealed envelope marked official sent to our office by you or a third party.

Please note that emailed or faxed transcripts are not considered official.

Documentation FAQs

What if the name on my official transcript doesn't match the name on my Eligibility Assessment?

If the name that appears on your official transcript(s) does not match the name on your EligibilityAssessment, you must provide verification of name change by submitting a marriage license or social security card. This documentation can be faxed, emailed, or mailed to our office.

What courses do I need to submit official transcripts for?

We require official transcripts to document completion of the following academic requirements:

- Any course submitted towards the 10 course requirement
- Degree confirmation
- Child life course(s)

- I sent my official transcript.

Why does my eligibility assessment still says "not passed" for the Official Transcript requirement?

We require official transcripts to document completion each of these items:

- Any course submitted towards the 10 course requirement
- Degree Confirmation
- Child life course(s)

The official transcript requirement will adjust to “passed” once transcripts are received/reviewed confirming ALL 3 items listed above.

How long will it take for you to review my transcript?

ACLP's Member Services department will send you an email confirming that we received your transcripts. Then, it can take up to two weeks before updates are reflected on your online Evaluation Report.

Keep checking in on your online Evaluation Report if you expect updates*. Your Report is available through the Certification Portal where you created your Eligibility Assessment and you are welcome to print and disperse it at your discretion.

*ACLP will not send notification of updates to your Report nor disperse your Assessment results to internship sites on your behalf.

What happens after I establish eligibility? 

When all the academic and clinical requirements have been met, reviewed, and accepted, applicants will be notified by email and upgraded from applicant to candidate. At that time, candidates will receive information regarding exam registration.

After the candidate registers and pays for the certification exam, the Association of Child Life Professionals will notify the test administration agency, which will contact eligible candidates with information about how to schedule the exam through their online system at the preferred testing center. At that time, candidates will also select their date and time preferences. 

Appointments for each testing center are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and are limited to the operating schedule at each site.