Research Resources

Participating in Child Life Science

The following includes opportunities for child life students and professionals interested in pursuing research and contributing to child life’s emerging field of inquiry. 

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Research Professional Development for PDUs

ACLP provides pre-recorded webinars for PDUs

Research Professional Development PDUs

  • Getting Comfortable with Data
  • Incorporating Youth Voice into the Research Process
  • From PICO to Publication: The Importance of Research for Practice
  • Conducting Research with Parents and Children in the Hospital
  • Child Life and Qualitative Research, A Perfect Partnership
  • A Crash Course on Reading and Interpreting Empirical Research
  • Techniques for Interviewing Pediatric Patients
  • Creating a Journal Club to Bridge the Gap Between Research and Practice
  • Efficient Inquiry: Painless Research Methods for Busy Clinicians
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Research Resources

Below are resources that have helped other child life professionals engaging in research. 

Research Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Research

Research FAQs

  • As a student, how do I get involved in research?

  • What if my university does not have a child life faculty member doing research?

  • Are there any courses I should take if I am interested in research?

  • What if my hospital does not let me submit an IRB because I am not faculty?

  • I know I want to do research but I don’t know where to start. Any advice?

  • I am providing telehealth services due to Covid-19. Can I still do research online?

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