Congratulations, Carla Barrentine, MSW, CCLS, ACLP's 2020 Distinguished Service Award Recipient!

"Hey mom! We are so, so proud of you for all the amazing work you’ve done and how much work you’ve put into your career. We’d say we are surprised, but that’s a lie - you’re one of the most talented, amazing, caring individuals we know. After all the hard work over the years, both in your job and raising us, I can’t think of anybody more deserving of this award. We love you!"
Josh and Seth (Carla’s sons)

Carla (Oliver) Barrentine with Josh and Seth

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"Carla is a strong proponent of diversifying the roles in child life and strategically focusing on projects that can help promote and increase the credibility and visibility of child life."
-Suzy Jaeger, Senior Vice President and Chief Patient Family Experience and Access Officer, Children’s Hospital Colorado

"One of Carla’s great gifts is seeing what’s special in others and elevating them. She not only has served as a pioneer in the field and as a leader with ACLP, she has raised other leaders to do the same."
Jenaya Gordon, Manager, Child Life Department, Children’s Hospital Colorado

"Carla's ability to creatively problem solve and innovate is truly what sets her apart as a leader in the field of child life." 
- Jennifer Staab, Manager, Child Life Department, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Carla and Beekhuizen guests
Carla and Beekhuizen guests
Carla World Burn
Carla at World Burn
Carla Jenaya Rachel and Jenny
Carla with child life colleagues

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