Job Analysis (1)

For the Child Life Certification Exam to be valid, the exam must closely align to the role of a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS). To ensure that alignment, a Job Analysis is conducted approximately every 5 years. The Job Analysis determines the tasks a CCLS performs as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform those tasks competently. From the Job Analysis, the job activities and skills are then translated into a content-valid examination.

The Job Analysis is an essential step in safeguarding consumers as it is a methodology for defining the characteristics of an individual who has the capacity to perform competently.

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Job Analysis (3)

A Job Analysis is conducted approximately once every 5-7 years. To complete the Job Analysis, ACLP enlists the assistance of professional test developers. Our testing partner facilitates the process and offers advice in matters related to exam development and administration.

1. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are selected through an application process to represent the population of Certified Child Life Specialists.

Any individual holding the CCLS credential was encouraged to apply. Factors considered in selection were educational background, familiarity with ACLP documents, geographic location, primary job role, number of years certified, size of program, and more.

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2. Multiple day meeting of Subject Matter Experts

SMEs meet over the course of 2-3 days to discuss the current exam blueprint, drafted revisions, and discuss eligibility requirements necessary to produce a candidate with the capacity to perform the tasks they defined as the basis for an entry-level practitioner.

SMEs also discuss the education and training that would be needed for an individual to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for competent performance as an entry-level Certified Child Life Specialist, all to gain a better understanding of any prerequisite training that would be needed.

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3. A survey is created and sent to all CCLSs.

ACLP contracts with a professional testing service, creates a survey to validate the work of the SME panel. The survey is then sent to all CCLSs to participate and provide feedback. Survey respondents rate each of the tasks defined in step one based on frequency and importance. 

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4. The SME panelists meet again to discuss survey results

SME panelists are asked to review the demographics of the survey respondents.  They determined if the respondents were an appropriate sampling of the CCLS population across the demographic elements collected. SMEs then engage in a robust discussion of eligibility and decisions are made about the inclusion of tasks that were questioned by survey respondents. 

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5. The new Exam content blueprint is finalized.

The new blueprint is finalized. From there, the Child Life Certification Commission uses the new blueprint for item writing on the certification exam. The new exam questions will be included in upcoming exams.

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