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  2 Communication Remains the Key
  3 "We Have to Start Someplace!"
  4 Start!
  6 A Letter from ACLP
  7 Alphabet 2.0 U is for Urology: A Spectrum of Services in the Outpatient Urology Clinic

10 Culinary Medicine in the Pediatric Clinical Setting: Collaborating between Registered Dietitians and Child Life Specialists
13 Integrating Art into Pediatric Health Care: A Collaborative Approach
16 The Practical Side of HIPAA
19 Civita Brown: DSA Recipient and Innovator in All Things Child Life
22 The 411 of Child Life in Higher Education
26 Within the School Walls: Reflection of a High School Teacher with a Child Life Specialist Certification
28 Research Corner Embarking on Research: An Interview with Jessika Boles
30 Specialized Resources Supporting Children Coping with Hair Loss
32 Why STEM in the Hospital Setting? Incorporating STEM into Patient Programming
36 Loose Parts CT Scanner
39 Moments from the Past A Research Agenda for the Generations: Rosemary's Vision from 1990 to 2020
41 ACLP Calendar
41 Webinars

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