ACLP Bulletin | Summer 2023 | VOL. 41 No. 3

Alison E. Heron, MBA, CAE

With its endless possibilities and leisurely moments, summer has once again graced us with its presence. We hope you’ve had the opportunity to create cherished memories, embark on new adventures, and enjoy the beauty of nature’s abundance.

As autumn draws near, I am reminded of the success of the ACLP Child Life Conference and Emotional Safety Summit II in Grapevine, TX, in June and the launch of our first diversity, equity, and inclusion course. I want to thank all our conference sponsors - Disney, United Therapeutics Oncology, and Children’s Health - and our exhibitors for supporting the ACLP’s mission to promote community and enhance learning through face-to-face networking and education. This year’s attendance and exhibitor turnout surpassed the previous years, and we remain committed to continually improving and innovating our annual conference.
We are excited to share with you the release of a new course on diversity, equity, and inclusion called “Introduction to Intersectional Relationships in Child Life Practice.” Thanks to the kind grant from Disney and the expertise of Amanda Lockett, Michelle McIntyre-Brewer, Troy Ragsdale, and Nate Seroski, this course is now accessible to the child life community. The course is both self-paced and intensive, providing an in-depth exploration of how diff erent identities intersect and impact relationships. ACLP Members can easily earn 4.0 PDUs in the DEI domain for free. Once registered, individuals have a generous one-year timeframe to access and complete the course, with the added benefi t of open navigation, enabling learners to progress at their own pace.

With limitless opportunities to revisit and explore the course, we’re confi dent that our learners will fi nd it to be a valuable and worthwhile investment of their time. Our course has received outstanding feedback and numerous requests for more topics, and we’re delighted to confi rm that we’re currently working on future courses based on your valuable feedback.

In June, the ACLP Patient and Family Experience Committee organized the second Emotional Safety Summit, which was made possible with the help of a grant from Disney. The committee worked hard with the staff  to create a welcoming atmosphere to invite leaders from allied organizations. The summit had two main objectives: to make emotionally safe medical care the standard practice in pediatrics and prioritize framework strategies to promote safe, reliable care that fosters a culture of emotional safety in healthcare. We are excited to announce that we are actively forging and 5 strengthening connections to tackle emotional safety concerns within medical environments. 

Committees play a crucial role within associations by contributing to the organization’s overall effectiveness, efficiency, and success. They provide a structured way for members to contribute their expertise and work collaboratively toward the association’s success. Over the past several months, the ACLP Governance Committee developed ACLP’s first-ever Professional Code of Conduct, which was approved by the Board and will launch this Fall. Maintaining a professional code of conduct is essential for associations to uphold ethical standards, guide behavior during ACLP activities and events, and ensure the organization’s integrity. It is a powerful tool that reinforces ACLP’s values and contributes to a highly positive, inclusive, and professional environment for all stakeholders.

Please note that the ACLP Professional Code of Conduct is not a substitute for the Certified Child Life Specialists Code of Ethics. Additional details will be forthcoming in the following weeks. We recommend that you mark your calendar and join ACLP’s Association Update on October 18, 2023, from 1-2 pm ET. During this time, the Governance Committee will discuss this matter in greater detail.

We are pleased to share that in early September, we will be launching our Call for Board of Directors Applications. We encourage you to consider applying or nominating an outstanding candidate who can serve on the ACLP Board of Directors. You can make a significant impact on the association’s strategic direction, increasing community involvement, and advancing the overall progress and achievement of ACLP by joining our leadership team. Let’s collaborate and build a strong and diverse team together.

Kindness is a powerful force that can bring joy and hope during tough times. Let’s spread positivity and be a source of solace for each other. Together, we can navigate challenges with determination, unity, and unwavering support.

On behalf of the ACLP staff , I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to each of you. 

Alison E. Heron, MBA, CAE