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  2 Growth and Change
  3 Leading the Way in Emotional Safety
  4 Putting the "WE" in Welcome
  5 Alphabet 2.0: T is for Telepresence: Utilizing Technology to Increase Socialization and Interactive Engagement Among Pediatric Patients on Isolation Precautions
 8 They, Them, Theirs: The Importance of Pronouns When Caring for Patients who Identify as Gender Diverse

14 Open Visitation Policies in Adult ICU: A Cultural Transformation
18 My Documentation is Being Subpoenaed: What Do I Do Now?
21 Global Perspectives: The Beautiful Journey of Child Life in Taiwan
24 The Perks and Challenges of Working as a PRN Child Life Specialist
26 Book Review: Pediatric Ethics: Protecting the Interests of Children
28 Specialized Resources: Supporting the Traumatized Child
30 Changing Perspectives: Finding the Cure for My Burnout
32 Pathways to Professional Inquiry: Evaluating the Quality of An Empirical Article
34 2019 International Scholarships: Child Life Annual Conference
35 Get Ready for the 2020 ACLP Conference in San Antonio!
36 Moments from the Past: From Attics to Archives: The Growth of the Child Life Archives
38 ACLP Calendar
38 Webinars
38 Upcoming Events