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What Style CCLS Are You?

Jacquie Rahm, CCLS, CTRS-C, YMHFA 

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I was recently asked my opinion on play- versus procedure-based programs, which reminded me of the ongoing conversation regarding the shift in the field from being play-based to procedure-based. I argue that there doesn’t need to be a “shift” at all. We each, as specialists, tend to naturally lean towards one style over another due to a combination of personality, interests, and preferred aspects of child life services. I believe that all styles of child life are valid, effective, and able to meet the same goals. The challenge is when we become stuck in our natural way of implementing services and forget to incorporate important aspects of other styles to best meet the needs of the children and families we are working with. In honor of Child Life Month, I want to explore these styles and brainstorm ways to incorporate aspects of each into well-rounded child life care. Below is a quiz to help you identify your potential style of child life. Try to choose answers that represent you most accurately, often, or are your initial instinct. Take note of your answers to score at the end. The quiz isn’t validated in any way, but the small sample of CCLSs I asked to proofread it for me said their results were correct for them!

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