Chicago Navy Pier 2019


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2019 Sponsorship Levels

See Sponsored Events and Sponsored Branded Items for additional opportunities to support the child life community and increase awareness of your brand.

You may sponsor the Child Life Annual Conference online or complete and return a Sponsorship Commitment Form.

Please note: New sponsors should use the Sponsorship Commitment Form or contact Bea Wikander at or 571-483-4493 for assistance.

Level Sponsor Benefits

Hospital Program










Logo in Conference App        
x x x   x   x  x
Logo in ACLP Bulletin x x    x    x    x      x 
Logo on Conference Sponsor Web Page x x  x  x x  x
Logo on Sponsor Signage on-site   x   x  x  x   x   x
Logo in Opening Session slides  x  x   x   x   x   x
Logo in Closing Session slides   x   x   x   x   x   x
One-time use of ACLP conference attendee mailing list 
pre- or post-conference (mailing address, not email)  
   x   x   x   x   
10' x 10' Premium Exhibit Booth    x        
10' x 20' Premium Exhibit Booth        
20' x 20' Premium Exhibit Booth          
1 Full-Conference Registration  x        
2 Full-Conference Registrations           
3 Full-Conference Registrations           
4 Full-Conference Registrations           
8 Full-Conference Registrations          
1 Exhibit Hall Representative           
2 Exhibit Hall Representatives           
3 Exhibit Hall Representatives            
4 Exhibit Hall Representatives            
8 Exhibit Hall Representatives           
Quarter-page ad in ACLP Bulletin or online Conference Program         
Half-page ad in ACLP Bulletin or online Conference Program        x      
Full-page ad in ACLP Bulletin           x  
Brochure/Item in conference tote bag    

All benefits subject to availability, meeting deadlines, and materials being reviewed and approved by ACLP. Level Sponsor Benefits do not apply to sponsored events and items.

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